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Dear Friends:

I love sweet peas and have been growing them for most of my life. My commitment to quality led me to experiment with different seeds, looking for the best flowers. I discovered that the English “Spencer” sweet pea seeds yielded a truly extraordinary bloom. The flowers produced have amazingly long stems, plus extra-large, frilly-edged blossoms.

Not only are these sweet peas more beautiful, but they are remarkably strong growers, producing hundreds of superior flowers. Anyone can grow these extraordinary flowers. All you need to get started is the seed. I will guarantee that any seed you buy from me will grow!

I am thrilled to offer you England’s finest “Spencer” sweet peas. Choose one of my seed collections or select your own varieties. Sweet pea seeds make unique and wonderful gifts for friends who garden. Visit my Seeds or Planting Supplies and Sweet Pea Products pages for more information.

If you have any questions, I would love to talk with you, please feel free to email me, sweetp@sonic.net.

Glenys Johnson, Owner
Enchanting Sweet Peas

P.S. I will be happy to refund your money of you are not completely satisfied with your seeds.

Enchanting Sweet Peas Timeline

Glenys Johnson’s lifelong love for
sweet peas turns into Enchanting Sweet Peas.

“My grandfather let me pick my first bouquet of
sweet peas at age 5. I have loved sweet peas ever since then.”

Glenys begins growing sweet peas for cut flowers in the backyard of her home in Sebastopol, CA.

The sweet peas are a favorite with florists and local markets. Glenys expands her sweet pea growing area to a field near her home.

Glenys discovers English Spencer sweet peas through a class at the local junior college. These sweet peas were different. The blossoms were much larger and more beautiful, and the stems were longer and stronger.

Glenys begins importing the Spencer seeds for her cut flower crop. She joins England’s National Sweet Pea Society and learns more about sweet pea growing from the experts. .

Enchanting Sweet Peas, a sweet pea flower seed company, is born and begins by selling Spencer sweet pea seeds imported from England, offering 13 individual named varieties, also a mixed varieties packet.

Enchanting Sweet Peas prints its first black and white seed catalogs, mailed out to 2000 gardeners. Invites the public to its first Sweet Pea Open House to show off how to grow amazing sweet peas, all the gorgeous colors, some growing to heights of 9 feet tall. Glenys quits her night job to devote all her time to Enchanting Sweet Peas, and begins speaking about sweet peas to garden clubs.

Enchanting Sweet Peas launches enchantingsweetpeas.com with shopping online. Glenys begins to grow some sweet peas for seed as well as importing seeds from England.

Mailing list expands to 23000, all over the U.S. and Canada. Color catalogs are sent out each year in two mailings, separated in to fall and spring planting times.

Enchanting Sweet Peas expands its palette of sweet pea colors to 28 varieties offering a rainbow of beautiful colors to choose from – pinks, whites, blues, violets, reds, peaches, flecks and stripes.

Glenys stops growing sweet peas for a cut flower crop. Now growing sweet peas primarily for seed and display for the annual Open House

With the intention of becoming a greener company, Enchanting Sweet Peas stops offering a paper catalog and directs all sales toward enchantingsweetpeas.com

Last year that the Enchanting Sweet Peas annual open house was held and the display garden was open to the public.

Better Homes and Gardens July 2018 issue In the Gardeners We Love article "Sweet on Scent," garden author Tovah Martin suggests Enchanting Sweet Peas for a US source of sweet pea seeds!

Enchanting Sweet Peas celebrates 25 years in business - selling sweet pea seeds and supplies.

Glenys and Enchanting Sweet Peas remain committed to offering the highest quality sweet pea seeds for your garden. This small one person flower seed company in Northern California continues to bloom and thrive. Glenys grows her beautiful, fragrant, favorite sweet peas for seed as well as sources the finest seed locally and from the UK to sell to you.